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About the BLSA

The British Leafy Salads Association is made up of salad growers and packers and has the primary aim of increasing UK consumption of leafy salads.

We formed originally to further the marketing and public awareness of British Iceberg Lettuce and the organisation was known as The British Iceberg Growers Association. However, as the industry matured and as more salad varieties – both wholehead and loose leaf – were grown in the UK, there was a need for a stronger, united general lettuce industry association.

A number of separate organisations were therefore brought together to form The British Leafy Salads Association, to capitalise on expertise and resources and increase strength and effectiveness of all efforts for the general benefit of the industry.

Our objectives are:

  • To commercially increase consumption of UK salad product
  • Sustainability of the industry – to represent and lobby for the horticultural environment, for responsible growers to realistically operate in
  • To increase technical support and dissemination of information

We ensure that members are kept informed of market trends and can advise members on a number of issues from legal and technical through to current industry advances and best practice.

For more information on salad leaves, including recipes, health and nutrition, simply click on the link below: