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Hand in Hand with the Environment

Over recent years there has been a major move towards more environmentally friendly farming with various schemes now available from DEFRA.

Salad growers work to Integrated Crop Management Plans which include crop rotation, seed treatments, the use of varieties with the strongest resistance to pests and diseases, as well as using crop covers to help minimise the use of pesticides.

Growers rotate hedge trimming to allow a constant supply of berries for birds and practice rotational ditch trimming to allow cover for water voles. They also plant grass headlands and fallow areas which give cover for wild birds and brown hares, in addition to sowing wild bird seed mixes in selected areas.

Some of the member growers have been involved in Wildlifechoice in association with a major multiple, which has entailed developing their own wildlifechoice action plan, backed by advice from an independent research charity - The Game Conservancy Trust - to raise standards of production while maintaining and improving habitats for wildlife and biodiversity.

Our growers are committed to common sense farming in the form of Integrated Farm Management – an approach that combines the best of traditional farming methods with modern technology, and are dedicated to managing their farms in an informed, professional and caring way

Traditional farming methods include crop rotations and modern methods combine this with pesticides and fertilisers only when absolutely necessary to keep animals and crops healthy. IFM ensures the highest standards of food production with the minimum environmental impact.