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Chairman Update

1st April 2020

Who would have thought Brexit, climate change, and many other so called life changing national or global issues, would almost be a distant memory. We find ourselves in unprecedented circumstances as an industry, businesses, communities, families and individuals. I know all businesses are now working even harder to produce high quality British produce, but do it in a way that keeps everyone as safe as possible.

Dieter, Pam Lloyd PR is working behind the scenes ensuring any required press releases are current and for the benefit of all. We are again working alongside the British Growers Association to do what we can to help on the industry wide problems, such as the campaign for labour ect. As members, if you feel we should be doing more in certain areas, please get in contact with the BLSA team. Joining forces at such times is critical.

It is with sadness that all of the industries planned knowledge exchange days are no longer going ahead. Hopefully over the coming months some workstreams could be presented using digital platforms, but nothing is confirmed yet. The BLSA AGM will be scheduled for a later date once we have a better understanding of the long term impact of the virus outbreak.

COVID 19 has dramatically changed our way of life in the immediate short term, but its long term impact could be as dramatic. Could this be the push we needed to change the way we do business, travel, produce food. Could this be the catalyst to tackle climate change, or the circumstances we need to illustrate the full value of British fresh produce.

I wish you all the very best at this time and keep safe.

Rob Parker, BLSA Chairman, 27th March 2020